Nourish, Strengthen, and Elevate Your Immune System!

When you’re seeking an immune boost, Miami’s finest is here to help with Liquid Immunity IV hydration infusions!

We all need a little rejuvenation now and then, and your body is no different. In a world that doesn’t stop, give your immune system the support it deserves with VitaSquad’s Liquid Immunity.

Infused with nourishing vitamins and minerals, Liquid Immunity is your answer to boosting your body’s natural defenses. Crafted to invigorate, this blend is not just about staving off colds but about embracing optimal health every day.

So whether you’re basking in the ambiance of our lounges nestled within the Anatomy Gym locations or in the comfort of your home, let our Liquid Immunity flow through you.

It’s not just a treatment; it’s an experience and a commitment to your well-being!

Nourish, Strengthen, and Elevate Your Immune System!

Inside VitaSquad’s Liquid Immunity
IV Hydration Infusion

Each ingredient in Liquid Immunity has its own strength. But when combined, they forge a potent shield, ensuring you’re not just protected but thriving. This infusion isn’t just about defense—it’s about flourishing with energy, clarity, and radiant health.


Often heralded as the “master antioxidant,” glutathione is a powerful force against oxidative stress, rejuvenating your cells and detoxifying your body.

Vitamin C

A familiar face, but an essential nonetheless. It’s not just about immunity—Vitamin C is pivotal for radiant skin, aiding iron absorption, and promoting overall vitality.

B-Complex Vitamin Cocktail (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

Think of these as your energy boosters. These vitamins play a crucial role in turning food into fuel, ensuring you stay invigorated and focused.

B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Beyond energy, B12 plays a pivotal role in nerve function, supports brain health, and aids in the formation of red blood cells.



An unsung hero in many ways. This mineral empowers your immune cells, fosters cell growth, aids DNA synthesis, and supports a balanced inflammatory response.

Embrace Wellness in Miami, Embrace VitaSquad

At the heart of Miami, VitaSquad stands as a beacon for all those seeking a healthier tomorrow. With our signature IV hydration infusion therapy, your well-being is always our top priority.

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Embrace Wellness in Miami, Embrace VitaSquad