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Hydration is about more than just quenching thirst—it’s about nourishing your body at a cellular level. For those moments when you feel like you’re running on empty, VitaSquad’s Vita Hydrate is here to replenish and renew.

Designed with a blend of nature’s finest vitamins and minerals, Vita Hydrate is not just an answer to dehydration. We also add carefully selected ingredients that work harmoniously to elevate your health, mood, and energy.

Relax in the serenity of our lounges or schedule our IV Treatment Mobile Services to come to you. As Vita Hydrate courses through you, feel the instantaneous uplift, the surge of vitality, the embrace of wellness.

Experience the transformation today. Opt for a session at our lounges within Anatomy Gym locations or let us bring the magic to you with our convenient IV mobile services.

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Liquid Life IV Hydration Infusion Therapy in Miami

Dive into the Essence of Vita Hydrate:

Each component in Vita Hydrate is handpicked not just to quench but to nourish. This harmonious blend ensures that with every infusion, you’re not only hydrating but also flourishing.

With Vita Hydrate, every drop is a commitment to peak well-being.


Often dubbed the “relaxation mineral”, magnesium is essential for over 300 cellular functions. From supporting muscle relaxation to ensuring optimal nerve function and promoting a balanced mood, magnesium is your body’s secret weapon.

Vitamin C

Beyond its immunity-boosting prowess, Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that rejuvenates your skin, supports collagen production, and promotes overall vitality.

B-Complex Vitamin Cocktail (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

Your daily dose of energy and clarity. These vitamins are indispensable in converting the food you eat into energy, ensuring you stay dynamic, alert, and ready for anything.

B12 (Methylcobalamin)

The mood and energy enhancer. B12 supports brain health, aids in nerve function, and is pivotal in the formation of red blood cells, delivering oxygen to every corner of your body.

The Essence of Wellness

VitaSquad’s Promise of Purity

Nestled in the best neighborhoods of vibrant Miami, Florida, VitaSquad stands tall, championing a culture of wellness and care. Our IV hydration infusion therapies are more than treatments; they’re a testament to our dedication to your health.

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The Essence of Wellness