For Every Aspiring Mother, Miami’s Best Nourishment Awaits!

Motherhood is a journey that begins long before the first heartbeat is heard. As the miracle of life unfolds within you, VitaSquad’s Prenatal IV hydration infusion ensures that you and your little one are provided with only the best nutrients.

Tailored with expectant mothers in mind, our Prenatal blend isn’t just about nourishing your body but also ensuring that every developmental milestone is supported with the utmost care and precision.

Whether you want to travel to one of our lounges within an Anatomy Gym location or make an appointment for us to come to your side, let us serve you. As the Prenatal IV hydration infusion lovingly courses through you, experience the gentle support of nature’s vitamins and minerals, supporting every tiny miracle.

Your journey of love and care begins now. Whether you choose the tranquil atmosphere of our Anatomy Gym lounges or the familiarity of your home or office, VitaSquad is with you every step of the way.

Choose our Prenatal IV infusion treatment today and envelop your blossoming journey in care.

For Every Aspiring Mother, Miami’s Best Nourishment Awaits!

The Loving Essence of Our
Prenatal IV Hydration Infusions

Prenatal isn’t just an infusion; it’s a carefully chosen formula of nature’s choicest ingredients, each playing its part in nurturing the blooming life within. This blend ensures that every moment of your prenatal journey is enveloped in warmth, care, and abundant nourishment.

Vitamin C

A beacon of health and vitality. Not only does Vitamin C fortify the immune system, but it also supports skin health and aids in the absorption of iron, ensuring both mother and baby receive vital nutrients.


A gift to every developing baby. Folate plays a critical role in neural tube formation and helps prevent major congenital disabilities in the baby’s brain and spine.


B-Complex Vitamin Cocktail (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

For bursts of energy, mood balance, and overall vitality. These vitamins are the silent guardians ensuring that both mother and baby remain energetic, balanced, and radiant.

VitaSquad’s Embrace of Motherhood in Miami

In Miami, Florida, VitaSquad stands as a testament to life, love, and unwavering care. Our Prenatal IV hydration infusion therapy is more than a treatment—it’s an ode to the precious moments of motherhood.

BOOK NOW and let every drop of our Prenatal infusion nourish you and the miracle within.

VitaSquad’s Embrace of Motherhood in Miami